Discreet and personalised service

Sellers may register their property with Edinburgh Property Finders free of charge. If there is a retained buyer whose specification matches your property, they can be introduced and I will negotiate any potential deal with either you or your legal representative. There will be no buying agency fee due by the seller. If no buyer is available, then the property will not be advertised or talked about to other parties.

Retained buyers tend to make decisions quickly and because matches are specific, there are usually fewer viewings than if the property is marketed – usually one, possibly two and I can do any viewings for you, if you prefer. Given that buyers are usually willing to pay some sort of premium to acquire a property to their specification, these deals usually achieve at least anticipated market price but often more. They are also more discreet, tied up quickly and professionally.

If you wish to register your property with Edinburgh Property Finders but no buyer is introduced in the desired timescale, I can discuss ways to reach potential buyers either discreetly or by offering “full blown” marketing. This will however, involve a charge to the seller and an agreement will need to be set in place.

Due to the fact the majority of buyers and sellers that I deal with request anonymity, I don’t advertise the properties with which I have been involved. However, the photographs on this website are of properties I have in the past been asked to market openly so they do give a flavour of the cross section of the market in which I work.

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