Owner of Edinburgh Property Finders 

Barbara Armstrong
MA (Oxon)

"I am very grateful for Barbara’s efforts and ability to get a deal over the line!"

I am a self-employed Buying Agent in and around Edinburgh and have been actively working in the Edinburgh property market since 2002, Over these years I have built a wide network of contacts and  have developed a thorough understanding of the Edinburgh property market and its players.

It’s likely that my scientific and business background have formed the basis of my straight talking, no nonsense approach to buying and selling property. My passion to obtain the best financial deal on the property that most suits the client, comes above finding the fanciest kitchen!

After I graduated from Oxford University, I worked for a number of years in large retail firms such as Next and Mothercare, purchasing in Europe and the Far East, setting up new areas of business and gaining consultancy experience. I also had my own retail business before moving to Scotland where my experience in a legal firm encouraged me to become a Buying Agent.

I’m not comfortable bragging about my own property successes and particularly because the business is built on discretion, I prefer other people to talk about their experience of my service and give their own opinion on whether I’m any good at my job. So, I feel the testimonials I have gathered over the years will give greater insight into the way I work and the results I’ve achieved rather than text created for website appeal!

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